WOW!! 1 year is gone already. It’s hard to believe; it flew right past us, and now we are standing here ready to take the next step into our last year. I think we all deserve a round of applause, especially all the teachers. It was a rough, long year but hey, WE SURVIVED!!!! I … More WE MADE IT!!

Who to blame?

Othello was one of Shakespeare’s most enticing plays. Yes, it was a difficulty reading this play, but as one gets familiar with the writings of Shakespeare, it becomes easier to understand the storyline a lot more clearly. This play did an astounding job of keeping the audience on their toes; not once do you find yourself … More Who to blame?

Logical Fallacies

Logical fallacies are there to create and illusion for the reader and help the writer trap the reader and fall for their argument that they are stating. I recently watched an interview on CNN that focused on Trump’s policy to ban all Muslims from coming into the U.S and getting all Muslim-American’s t register on … More Logical Fallacies


We all have something that we want to achieve, something we want. When that achievement or need is all that is our mind we tend to go to all extents to achieve it. We don’t want to leave spaces for mistakes because we don’t like mistakes. In doing so, we fall into the trap of … More Believe

Into the Wild

  Into the Wild was a unique book, in the sense that I had never really read one like it before. As a person who is fond of adventure, I did really enjoy this book thoroughly. It did an excellent job in carrying the reader alongside with the adventure that MCandless experience. As I progressed … More Into the Wild